Tano South Municipal Assembly holds the 3rd Ordinary Meeting of the 4th Session

The Third Ordinary meeting of the Fourth Session of the Tano South Municipal Assembly has been held at Bechem, the Municipal capital.

The meeting which was held at the Tano South Municipal Assembly’s Conference Hall saw dignitaries like Hon. Collins Offinam Takyi, the MCE for Tano South, Mr. Augustine Peprah, Municipal Coordinating Director, Heads of the various Departments in the Municipality, Assembly Members and Nana Ampong Kromantang II, the Krontihene of Techimantia.

In an opening address, Hon. Asare Antwi the Presiding Member of the Tano South Municipal Assembly welcomed all and sent a deep sense of responsibility as their Honorable Presiding Member as they convened for this final meeting of the Assembly for the year. It is in pursuance of section 28 (1) and (2) of the Local Governance Act, 2016, Act 936 and he was glad that the Lord has seen them through the journey.

He extended his heartfelt appreciation to Honorable Assembly member for the privilege to lead them throughout his term and said it was an honor to serve alongside individuals dedicated to the betterment of Tano South Municipal. He affirmed that their cooperation and commitment have been instrumental in achieving the goals they set together.


Hon. Asare Antwi the Presiding Member addressing the house


He extended his best wishes to those among them who were contesting for re-election as Assembly Members. He believed their aspirations would be realized, and continue to contribute significantly to the growth and prosperity of Tano South. He bid farewell with gratitude for their contributions so far to those who had chosen not to contest again and wished to assure them that their legacy would always be remembered.

Hon. Antwi said since the mandate of the Assembly requires them to meet to discuss and deliberate on issues of development for the Municipality, he would plead with all Hon. Members to contribute effectively in the course of the meeting to reached decisions that would inure to the benefit of the generality of the people.

Hon. Antwi said, with regards to Public Relations and Complaint Committee (PRCC), the committee continues to discharge its duties in resolving issues and once again urged Hon. Assembly members to encourage their electorates to make use of the Committee in addressing their grievances. Subsequently, to the committee members, their unwavering support and collaboration in this endeavor have been crucial, and commend all for their dedication.

As we approach the festive season, he used the opportunity to wish them a joyous and peaceful Christmas filled with warmth and shared moments of happiness. May the coming year bring prosperity, unity, and success to each member of this Assembly and the entire Municipality we serve. He concluded by thanking all for honoring the invitation. 

In a sessional address, the MCE for Tano South District Hon. Collins Offinam Takyi said is with great excitement, humility and privilege to be given the opportunity to address this important August House since it is in accordance with section 18 (1) of (Act 936) and the Model Standing Orders, the Assembly is required to have a minimum of three Meetings in a year to deliberate on matters affecting the Municipality and, take appropriate decisions to resolve them.

He said it must therefore be emphasized that today’s meeting is in fulfillment of the legal obligation imposed on them by the Local Governance architecture and thanked Hon Presiding Member, Hon. Assembly Members, Hon. Member of Parliament, Nananom, the Clergy, Heads of Departments and Units, Heads of Security Agencies, Heads of other Public Institutions and the General Public at large for the support so far. The unflinching support received from them, went a long way to propel them into chalking the countless successes they had witnessed in the past four years and would specifically highlight some of the successes stories in due course. He asked Hon Presiding Member to permit him to bring to the Assembly the warmest greetings from His Excellency, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the President of the Republic of Ghana, Hon. George Boakye, the Ahafo Regional Minister and our affable Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Benjamin Yeboah Sekyere. They are all aware about your selflessness and dedication towards the development of this Municipality. He was excited for today’s General Meeting since it allowed them the opportunity to consider and approve the Composite Annual Action Plan (AAP), Composite Budget and Fee Fixing for the 2024 financial year.


MCE for Tano South Municipal Hon. Collins Offinam Takyi speaking to the house

Touching on the security in the Municipality, he said is generally peaceful but not entirely free from some potential security threats. Threats relating to the under listed matters; Brosankro and Tepa boundary dispute,  Land disputes between farmers from some communities within, Derma and Ankaase Zonal Councils, Installation of the Mponuahene by Duayaw-Nkwanta Traditional Council to oversee land related matters at Techimantia.  Destruction of farms at the Bechem Zonal Council by cattle, Intrusion of the Municipality by illegal small scale miners (galamsay.). He said at the previous General Meeting, the Assembly declined the request by a company wanting to do mineral prospecting in some parts of the Municipality. Some few weeks ago, there were several complaints from the general public about the suspicion of illegal mining activities going on along the banks of the River Kwasu because of the sudden change in colour of the river. Upon investigation, it was revealed that some illegal mining activities were ongoing within the Ohianimguase and Bofoaka Electoral Areas and invited all Nananom and all Hon Assembly Members from Breme, Mansin, Ohianimguase, Bofoaka for a meeting with the Municipal Security Council. Some arrests were made about those who were suspected to be involved in the illegal mining activities while investigations were ongoing. He said he would brief the Assembly about the outcome of the investigation assured that the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) and Management of the Assembly would continue to work in their interest to maintain peace to ensure that everyone goes about his/her routine businesses without fear.

On finance, Hon. Takyi said, some gains have been made as far as mobilization of Internally Generated Fund (IGF) is concerned and there was still the need to intensify our efforts to mobilize more since the potential exist for us to even double our current revenue if we all participate fully and in a coordinated manner in the revenue mobilization drive.

He said, as at the end of third quarter, 2023 the Assembly was able to mobilize GH¢ 935,768.28 representing 61.17% of the projected revenue of GH¢ 1,525,000.00 for the year. This therefore meant that the Assembly still had about 38.83% of revenue to collect before the end of year, if we were to achieve our target and continue that  considering the importance Management attaches to revenue mobilization, a number of measures including but not limited to the under listed have been taken to further boost revenue for the Assembly. He said, the Assembly besides the Internally Generated Fund (IGF), receives funding from the Central Government which are mostly used to finance programmes and projects. These other funding sources include; District Assemblies’ Common Fund (DACF), MP’s Common Fund, DACF-RFG, PWD Fund and                                                                            MSHAP. The Central Government releases received by the Assembly as at September 30, 2023 as against what they planned and budgeted to receive in course of the year 2023 and added that as 30th September, 2023 a total of GH¢ 948,695.48 which represents 13% of the 2023 budgeted expectation of GH¢ 6,883,416 from the Central Government has been received to carry out the Assembly’s planned activities.
 Speaking on Education, Hon. Takyi said, the Assembly continues to collaborate with the Municipal Education Directorate to address some of the challenges facing the educational sector in the Municipality. During the period under review, The Directorate of Education undertook a number of training workshops to enrich the teaching skills of teachers. Notable amongst them was the CPD workshop on enhancing core competencies through linkage of curriculum indicators to classroom based activities.
He said it is also refreshing to inform you that this year’s Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) involving 1,885 was conducted successfully from 7th to 11th August, 2023 whose results were in but details of the performance were not available for consideration and further said, the Regional Education Directorate also organized an Inter District Arts and Cultural Festival at Terchire on the 24th August, 2023 for Districts and Municipalities in Ahafo Region.

On agriculture he said, the Department of Agriculture continued to assist farmers to improve food production in the Municipality. The Assembly through the Department remained committed to offer the necessary assistance to improve the agricultural sector to accelerate local economic development and stated that officials from the Department were able to offer extension services to over 2,240 farmers made up of, 1,420 males and 820 females through the usual home and farm visits during the 3rd quarter of the year.
As part of the effort to improve livelihoods of the rural poor and also mitigate the effect of climate change, the government through the Ministry of Local Government, Decentralization and Rural Development is implementing Ghana Productive Safety Net Project of which this Municipality is a beneficiary. Through this programme, the Assembly has been able to establish palm and coconut plantations farms in communities such as Kwasu, Derma, Tweapease, Mansin, Dwomo and Brosankro. Since the commencement of this programme, a total of 171 farmers comprising 69 male and 102 female have benefitted and said, all are witnesses to the success story of the Planting for Food and Jobs phase I, and to further improve agriculture production, the government on 28th August, 2023 launched the phase II of the Planting for Food and Jobs grogramme in Tamale. This phase of the programme will focus on crops and commodities such as maize, rice, soybean, sorghum, tomato, pepper, onion, cassava, yam, plantain, and poultry and said, this phase of the programme is the introduction of aggregators who shall be responsible for providing production (agro) inputs, including seed, fertilizer, and chemicals as well as mechanization and extension services to farmers to ensure farms produce equivalent to the cost of inputs and other services.

Hon. Takyi said, the unique factor in this phase of the PFJ II is the inclusion of financial institutions to be responsible for the issuance of payment guarantees backed by undertaken from government to input suppliers, to provide inputs credit. Another important feature of this phase of the programme is the deliberate effort to enroll a number of youth in the Municipality onto the YOUTH IN AGRICULTURE PROGRAMME.

The programme seeks to create jobs for about 200,000 youth nationwide in the production and marketing of rice and maize. What has been highlighted clearly indicate the government’s commitment to improve agriculture in the country to ensure food security and price stability of foodstuff and seize the opportunity to appeal to Hon. Assembly Members to inform and encourage the youth and farmers in the Municipality to take advantage of the programme to better their lives. He said Friday 1st December, 2023, the Municipality would join the rest of the country to celebrate the 39th edition of National Farmers’ Day. A day set aside to recognize the valuable contribution of our gallant farmers. The theme for this year’s celebration was “Delivering Smart Solutions for Sustainable Food Security and Resilience”.
The Assembly selected Subriso to host the programme. The selection process is ongoing to award deserving farmers who have distinguished themselves in their fields of endeavor and use the medium to invite all Hon Assembly Members especially those within the Subriso and Techimantia Zonal Councils to make it a point to attend.

He recalled that the Assembly had received approval from the Secretariat of the District Assemblies’ Common Fund to construct 1No. Circuit Court Complex and 1No. Bungalow for the Circuit Court Judge. He announced that the procurement process has commenced including publication of the project in the Ghanaian Times soliciting for bids. It is therefore, expectant that the procurement processes would be concluded soon to select a contractor with the requisite capacity for its execution of the project. He said through instrumentality of Nana Ampong Kromantang, the Assembly has secured a land at Techimantia for the construction of District Court to bring justice closer to our people within the Techimantia, Subriso, Derma and Ankaase Zonal Councils.

Hon. Takyi took the opportunity to thank Nananom, Hon. Member of Parliament, Hon. Assembly Members, Heads of Department and Institutions, Religious Leaders and all the stakeholders for your continuous support you extended to the Assembly during the period under discussion and wish all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in Advance.