Tano South Celebrates 66th Independence Day Anniversary

 Tano South Municipal edition of 66th independence Anniversary held at Samuel Otu senior high school Park in Techimantia. The celebration was attended by School Children, Artisans, Market Women, Nananom of Bechem Traditional Council and Techimantia, Heads of Departments, Security Agencies, Clergy, Assembly Members among others. 

                                                                   Some dignitaries present at the celebration

The parade of school children and cadet corps was inspected by Municipal Director of Education, Divisional police commander and Municipal Chief Executive.

Speaking at the function, the Member of Parliament for the Tano South Constituency Hon Benjamin Yeboah Sekyere thanked God and the people of the Constituency for bringing him this far and said Ghanaians should be proud of hitting the 66th year’s mark of Independence and how far we have got to as a nation though a lot needs to be done.

Touching on the Pupils and Students, Hon Sekyere reminded them that, education is the key and to make greater impact in our societies as we look forward to embracing the future that lies ahead of us, education should be pursued with vigour since through difficulties man went to the stars and there is nothing under the sun that cannot be achieved if you set your eyes upon it.


Hon Member of Parliament given his key not address at the function

Speaking on the theme for the 66th Independence Day Celebration is “OUR UNITY, OUR STRENGTH, OUR HOPE”

Hon. Serkyere said, when
there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. There is strength in united minds and we succeed when we share responsibilities. Evidence shows that leaders who bring together different people with varied skills to the table, have always achieved remarkable results and concluded by saying that if we move on as a united body and remain committed to the course of Tano South and Ghana as a whole, a time will come when we can hit our chest and proudly say that we have been part of the development of Tano South District and Ghana.


 Tano South Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Collins Offinam Takyi extended the felicities of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo – Addo to residents in the Municipality.

According to him, residents must feel happy to observe the day, since 6th March 2023 is exactly 66 years Ghana had Independence and thanked the planning committee of the Assembly for hosting the said programme at Techimantia.

He continue by saying, the theme for the 66th Independence Day Celebration is “our unity” our strength” our purpose and emphasized that the Young poet, Mattie Stepanek once said, “Unity is strength when there is teamwork and collaboration and charged all residents to be united and support the Assembly to implement policies and programmes aimed at improving the living standards of the people.

 Speaking on unity, Hon. Takyi cited a statement made by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of Ghana that, “United we stand; divided we fall”. He reiterated that all of us are gathered here as Ghanaians with common identity and however, urged them to bury their political differences and work towards Ghana’s development.


Hon. Municipal Chief Executive given his key note address

According to him, the forefathers who fought for Ghana’s independence were not from the same town, region or tribe but as they were united, they managed to achieve their dreams.
Hon. Takyi urged the following groups; Nananom, Hon Assembly Members, political parties, teachers, students, religious leaders, civil and public servants, traders, commercial vehicle operators, farmers to come together as one people to address the problems confronting the Municipality.
Hon. Takyi informed residents to ensure excellence in their way of thinking, building consensus and teaming up with others for the development of Mother Ghanna and however said, he was optimistic that with unity of purpose, they can build the needed strength and gather the needed hope to confront Ghana’s challenges and appealed to them to condone actions that pitch one against the other.

He used the occasion to congratulate all students who won the presidential awards of excellent Performance in 2021 and 2022 Basic Education certificate examination and WASSCE and announced that, the Tano South Municipal Assembly would support each student with one thousand Ghana cedis.

He congratulated not only the students who made the Municipality proud, but the officials from the Municipal Education Directorate, Management and staff of Bechem School for the Deaf and St. Joseph Practice School, Bechem. He advised the students to desist from acts such as alcoholism, drug abuse, fornication, disobedience, dishonesty and other vices which could ruin their future and Stick to their books and channel their youthful exuberance into productive ventures so as to secure future and make them contribute their quota towards the development of Ghana.

According to him, Government is committed to building the capacities of the youth for a better future and further catalogue some of the achievements of government under the leadership of Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-Addo. He also advised parents who have issues regarding education should channel their respective challenges to Municipal Director of Education.

Hon. Takyi urged leadership or Management of second cycle school not to take unapproved fees from students and reiterated that,  any person who would be found demanding the said fees would be allowed by government to face the full rigorous of the law as enshrined in  Ghana Education Service’s code of conduct.

At the end of march past, certificates and books were presented to all participating schools and prizes were also awarded to three schools that performed well in march past. The schools that obtained the such prizes were the Primary, Junior High and second cycle Institution.


                                                                     Some winners receiving their awards

In a closing remark, Nana Ampong Kromantan, the Krontihene of Techimantia who chaired the programme thanked the planning committee for earmarked Techimantia to host the 66th Independence day anniversary. He informed residents in the municipality to rally behind government to make government implement the needed policies and programmes to address poverty issues in the municipality.    


Nana Ampong Kromantan given his closing remarks