Sensitization on Child Protection

Tano South through the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development visited New Brosankro Community in relation to the sensitization on Child Protection. During the programme the community members were taken through the good and bad aspect of taking care of their wards.

Facilitation was done by officers from the Department. Flash cards with pictures on child protection were used in the facilitation.Nananom, Assemblymen, Unit committee members, Parents and Youth participated in the sensitization programme. The programme was very interactive with questions and suggestion from community members.

Officers facilitating the programme


Questions and Answer time during the programme

An exercise was displayed with balloons tied on the wrists of 3 volunteered community members, protecting the balloon and 3 other volunteered community members chasing to burst the balloons. The balloons represent our children in the community and the 3 chasers represent obstacles in parenting that will hinder the progress of children in reaching their goals in life.

Balloon display exercise

The program was successful but the turn-out was low. The total number of participants were forty-four (44) which comprised of twenty (20) females and twenty-three (23) males.