Home Visitation on Teenage Pregnancy and HIV/AIDS

Teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS has been on high rate in the Tano South Municipality of young girls of school going age (Senior High School and Junior High School) due to lack of parental control and proper supervision of their children. Due to the above issue, the Department of Social Welfare and Community Development visit parents and some caregivers at Techimantia to educate them on the cause and the effects of teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS on the children and the community at large, and how best it can be reduce in the municipality.

The officers educated parents on the need to take care of their children and not to allow the children to care for themselves due to economic issues confronting some parent. Most parent have shifted their responsibilities to some of their children especially the girl child with the excuses of facing some economic hardship.

This entices the girl child into early sexual relationship in other to provide for themselves.

Peer pressure influence also plays a major role in the rampant rate of teenage pregnancy and HIV/AIDS in the municipality as some teenagers tend to look up to their colleagues for advise more than their parents or elders in the community since some parents do not have cordial relationship with their children.

Also parents and caregivers were educated on the best practice to reduce the above issues, parents should not force their children into sexual activities as some parent see it as a strategy for shifting their parental responsibilities to others as a results of economic hardships.

Again, parents were educated on the need to teach their children on sexual education and how to protect themselves for sexual activities also they were educated on reproductive health to enlighten their children on the changes they will experience in their reproductive stages.

It was a successful programme with valuable contributions

Officers educating some parents and caregivers