Health department in the Municipality does the following:

  • Formulate health policy
  • Set standards for the delivery of health care in the country.
  • Provide strategic direction for health delivery services.
  • Monitor and evaluate the health service delivery by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) and the Teaching Hospitals, other Agencies, Development Partners and the Private sector.
  • Develop policies for the practice of Traditional and Alternate Medicine in the country.
  • Source funding for service delivery through GOG, Health Insurance and international community.
  • Allocate resources to all health care delivery agencies under the Ministry.
  • Provide framework for the development and management of the human resources for health.
  • Provide a framework for the effective and efficient procurement, distribution, management and use of health sector goods, works and services.
  • Make proposals for the review and enactment of health legislation.
  • Provide framework for the regulation of food, drugs and health service delivery and practice.