Cocoa Service Division

Cocoa Service Division has the following responsibilities:

  • Prepare suitable plan/maps and charts using GIS(Geographic information System)  and other technology for decision making
  • Design and manage an electronic database system on farmers’ ex-gratia compensation and farm rehabilitation cost
  • Field data processing, training, monitoring and maintenance of GPS (Global Positioning System) equipment used in data capturing

The details of their activities are listed below:

  • Survey all cocoa areas to identify cocoa swollen shoot virus disease outbreaks;
  • Assist farmers to replant their treated farms with improved varieties which are early bearing, high yielding, and disease- tolerant;
  • Generate data on the distribution of cocoa varieties and age classification of cocoa trees.
  • Pay compensation to farmers whose farms have been treated, replanted and maintained.
  • Provide assistance to farmers who are establishing new cocoa farms.
  • Provide extension training and education to farmers on good agricultural practices (GAPs).
  • Assist farmers to rehabilitate old and moribund cocoa farms, including removal of parasitic mistletoes.